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When rating payroll software, we are looking for very specific qualities. We also look for the presence of client and employee portals, benefits administration, PTO and time management tools, and many more vital features. The employee self-service app shows check stubs, time tracking tools and benefit plan information. During our investigation, we discovered these apps receive higher ratings among Android and iOS users than similar mobile payroll tools offered by ADP’s competitors.

  1. Overall, ADP Payroll users can feel confident that their data will be safe within the platform.
  2. The company’s retirement services help you select retirement savings accounts to offer to employees.
  3. Gusto offers expanded HR features with the Premium plan, but this comes at a quote-based price.

There are three standard packages (Select, Plus and Premium) and several add-ons available, including performance and learning management, HR assistance, and talent acquisition tools. To get all the features you want for RUN, you may have to purchase a higher-tiered plan or pay for add-ons. For example, workers’ compensation and employee benefits plans are features that must be added to plans. Also, HR support is limited at the base level and for expanded HR features, you will need to move up to either the Complete or HR Pro plan. Additionally, 401(k) management and services seem to be a source of trouble for many customers. The company is responsive to complaints and gets back to customers.

Both Gusto and ADP offer full-service payroll, strong HR features, many integrations, time tracking, benefits administration, and much more. ADP and Gusto can support small to medium-sized businesses looking for basic payroll. However, Gusto’s contractor-only plan, pricing transparency, and unlimited payroll processing make it a more affordable small business payroll software than ADP. Larger organizations using ADP Workforce Now can configure the homepage setup to their liking.

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The customizable, multijurisdictional payroll plans scale with your organization, making ADP the best full-service payroll software for growing businesses. As your payroll and HR needs change, you can add other ADP offerings such as time tracking, retirement services and insurance benefits. ADP’s time and attendance feature is a cloud-based tool that allows you to schedule employees and have them clock in and out of shifts. The company’s retirement services help you select retirement savings accounts to offer to employees.

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You would think a corporate business would try to assist employees. I barely know where to begin with all the mistakes ADP has made on my client. From running payroll on the wrong date, doubling the taxes which overdrew the account, voiding a payroll that should not have been voided and not paying our taxes on time.

Why does ADP have a negative net charge?

ADP’s track record and powerful technologies make it a top choice for businesses in highly regulated industries as well as those that operate in multiple states. ADP scales with your company to meet your needs, whether that means basic payroll services or a proactive HR support team. It’s an industry leader and remains a popular choice among readers. ADP has 130+ compatible software integrations for its RUN Powered by ADP solution.

ADP Payroll’s onboarding features are available on each small business plan. However, you’ll need to purchase a higher-tier plan if you want access to more advanced features. Overall, the platform has a range of HR and onboarding features that should suit small businesses and above. ADP’s most basic program allows you to complete your payroll online and promises secure data transfer and storage. You can choose live checks or direct deposit (or both), and you and your employees can log into ADP to check and manage personal information. Like ADP, Rippling integrates with more than 500 software applications, which allows businesses to automate HR and payroll workflows.

ADP and Paychex are solid payroll software options for small to enterprise businesses looking for a full-service payroll solution with strong employee management and HR features. When it comes to payroll software for large businesses and enterprises, ADP has the edge over Gusto. ADP boasts stronger international payroll options and has the robust recruiting, employee management, and 50-state benefits administration that bigger businesses need to best manage their workforce.

The more often you run payroll, the more expensive your plan will be. Yes, ADP provides benefits administration across the United States. The vendor works with more than 700 insurance carriers and financial institutions, and has direct integrations with Cigna, Aetna and Prudential. Consider iSolved, which lets you choose from dozens of products adp payroll demo and features to build your own custom system. We liked how the payroll dashboard flags employee records requiring attention before payroll can proceed. Also, whereas most competitors require users to enter contractor payroll on a separate screen, with ADP Payroll software, you can add it alongside salaried or hourly employees.

When determining the best options for businesses choosing a payroll provider, we considered several factors, including payroll and HR features, integrations, and usability. Our analysis compared dozens of platforms and consisted of interactions with vendor representatives and customer service agents. We reviewed user opinions and tested payroll software ourselves to see how the systems worked. Access to HR services and payroll management tools allows expanding businesses to better support their employees and complex everyday human resources workflows. As a payroll service provider, ADP works equally well for startups and established companies. On top of automating payroll processing and tax filings, ADP enhances hiring, onboarding and attendance tracking processes.

I have been working with ADP as an employer

For small businesses with between one and 49 employees, the bells and whistles aren’t worth the extra cost. The company uses physical and technical security measures to protect its data and users. ADP keeps up with security threats and is transparent about resolution issues and threat statuses. Overall, ADP Payroll users can feel confident that their data will be safe within the platform. ADP integrates with several POS systems, including Deputy, Dolce, SuperSalon, 7Shifts, Clover, and other solutions. For time and attendance software, ADP works with ClockShark, Deputy, Homebase, MakeShift, and QuickBooks Time.

Just another way to manipulate the transaction to draw interest on the monies. Doesn’t recognize the password or email I provided my employer with. Tech support is no help either, they just direct you away from their subpar company. Forcing me to pay state tax in the state where the company is based and not where I live.

Merchant Maverick’s ratings are editorial in nature, and are not aggregated from user reviews. Each staff reviewer at Merchant Maverick is a subject matter expert with experience researching, testing, and evaluating small business software and services. The rating of this company or service is based on the author’s expert opinion and analysis of the product, and assessed and seconded by another subject matter expert on staff before publication. Merchant Maverick’s ratings are not influenced by affiliate partnerships. Any great payroll solution has a quality time-tracking feature that integrates well with other time-tracking programs. ADP does both — if you pay for the company’s time-tracking feature add-on.

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