Wild Symbols in Slot Machines: How They Work

In many online slots, the wild symbol can appear anywhere on the grid. But there are some slot games where it can only show up on certain reels. So, be sure to check your chosen slot game’s information page, where you can find also find details on other icons (if present) such as the mystery symbol and the scatter symbol. That’s why Wild symbols are powerful in games that don’t have pre-set paylines.

  • Some wild symbols simply carry out the basic function of completing winning combinations.
  • So it is interesting (and profitable) to know as much as possible about them.
  • Once a sticky symbol has appeared, it will stay at the same position on the reel for the next few spins.
  • In this game, you get a payout for matching 3 or more symbols along one of the 10 paylines.
  • With classic 3-reel slots, only the middle payline is activated when you play a single coin.

There’s no shorthand way of knowing this – you have to check the rules of each new slot game you play. Fortunately, that’s just all-round solid advice and something you should be doing anyway. What happens here is that each time a wild symbol appears, it will make a clone. It will then leave this clone on the spot where it was originally placed to be used during the next spin. Trailing wild symbols work slightly differently than the other wild symbols. If you decide to play for real money, make sure that you do not play more than you can afford losing.

Modern slots are a world away from the Liberty Bell, the oldest slot machine and the first one-armed bandit invented by Charles Fey for the Bell Fruit Gum Company. When a stacked wild symbol appears on the reels, it covers it entirely. If more than one of them appears, you have to prepare for a huge payout.

The scatter symbols are supposed to pay regardless of where they appear. Bonus symbols, on the other hand, typically trigger new bonus rounds, and consequently, additional wins. Gorilla Wild symbols become sticky wilds during the free spins mode. Should another slot wild symbol land on one that is stickied to the reels, you receive a bet multiplier that reaches up to 25x.

Wild symbols

They can also help you increase multipliers and help you get big wins. You hit spin and the Sticky Wild appears and stops somewhere on the table. You then hit spin again, and all the symbols on all the reels except the special Sticky spin. The Sticky Wild retains its position but the rest of the table changes, which allows for new potential winnings. We can use Betsoft’s recent Wilds of Fortune slot as an example.

These are positioned along a payline, but you can’t win without a third one. If you luck out and get a Wild on the third reel, you suddenly have a winning 3-symbol combination! In this case, the Wild symbol will completely act like it was the symbol needed in that situation. This means that you’ll get a payout as if you got 3 matching symbols of the type you needed. Sticky wilds stay in one position for a specific number of spins and give you the chance to increase your winnings.

There are different types of wilds which we’ll shortly give brief explanations on, but they all serve the same purpose of replacing all basic symbols. Multiplying wilds are those wild symbols that add multipliers to the reels as well. In a way, these symbols serve the purpose of both wild and multiplier symbols. When a winning combination is formed, these symbols will increase the winnings too. The Dead or Alive slot by NetEnt has a sticky wild that also acts as a multiplier.

If you play slot games regularly, you would have probably noticed that wilds feature in most slots. For this reason, it is important to understand their specifications so that you have adequate knowledge about what is going on in the background. https://www.gclub.online/demo/dazzleme/ serve as bonus symbols and are usually accompanied by visual effects, adding to the gaming experience. When looking for the best wild symbols in slot machines, it’s important to consider all of these factors. By taking the time to do your research, you can increase your chances of winning big. Wild symbols can also substitute for missing symbols, usually part of winning combinations, such as the scatter and jackpot icons.

More often than not, they are triggered randomly by another wild symbol already present on the reels. Although you are lucky enough to land the feature, it can help you form fantastic winning combinations and significantly increase the winning prize. Through the substitution of non-bonus or non-scatter symbols, wild symbols help you match high-paying symbols.

Sometimes, you could even hit 2 winning combinations along the same payline. For instance, you could have multiple wilds in the same line as regular symbols. In these cases, most slots just evaluate the highest-paying combination along the single payline. To counter this, some of the best slots online don’t allow Wilds to appear on row 1. Wild symbols help players try to get more wins, by creating the opportunity to turn what would have been a non-winning spin into a win. This feature is often more prominent in bonus rounds such as free spins, where the change of getting wilds may increase or extra features such as multipliers might be added to them.

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